Complexity of Thinking

Do you ever speculate about what makes our species unique? I know this is a controversial question, and there would be multiple types of answer like;

  • Humans express their feelings to others.
  • Humans are socialized.
  • Do cultural activities.
  • Know how to use tools.
  • The structure of the body part is unique. Like they have hands, able to hold something easily.
  • Morality & have emotions.

But if you observe more deeply, you can see that the most suspicious thing God has given human beings is their extraordinary brain. The outstanding capacity of thinking. Human beings can able to think more complexly than any other species in the world.

: 2+2 = ?

Suddenly this silly question asked by your little brother who reads in lower standards class. You notice that he is so excited about the incident cause he knows the right answer. He has just completed his homework task and wants to show you that he knows mathematical addition very well. Overall, he seems happy. On the other hand, you have just solved a complex Fourier series differential equation from your Engineering Mathematical course sections, and this time your brother asks you this silly question. You feel a little bit disturbed, but you wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings, his childish mind which is full of curiosity. So, you replied to him that the answer is FOUR. He seems happy at this, and after giving thanks to you, he finally left the place.

Now consider, if your respective faculty asked the same question to you, is that your answer? Do you respond to the same way you answered previously to your brother? Okay, forget about the faculty. Assume a famous scientist who just got a reputable price for an outstanding invention recently asked you this question by anyhow! How you meet him and why he asks this question, this is not my concern; he asked you anyhow, and you have to answer it; this is the fact. So, now you are thinking about the answer.

“: Why he gives me this simple task? Is this simple, or am I just too dumb to answer it?

: Is really 2+2 = 4 ? I think it’s not. He is a famous scientist; he never gives me such type of question. It’s complex, I am 100% sure, and I have to take “imaginary value” to solve this.No, not imaginary, I have to solve it another way. Where is my calculus book? “

After 30 minutes of analysis, you tell him, The answer is very close to FOUR, but you are not sure. Cause there will be multiple values, or it can be 4.000110 or something very close to it. Actually, you don’t know the exact value of it. You are too confused and seeking a solution from him.

So, which logic is radically behind this? Comparatively, we can say that we just have given unnecessary priority while we provide the answers, not much. To overwhelm this, we need to follow the most straightforward rule to avoid this overthinking. The human being is always afraid of some imaginary possible probability that wouldn’t happen in the future. 2+2 is always equal to 4; it is a constant like the earth moves around the sun, and the possibility of the answer is that another value is nearly 0%. So the answer is 4, but why we make this complicated in the second time? Why does our mind confuse us to make it 4.000110 or some other value?

To solve a problem, at first, we always have to check the criteria of the problem and look at the exact identification of a certain issue. Is the statement is clarified? Ask yourself. If the answer is YES, then do the logical analysis of it. Make the decision-making process in which process you should go through to solve this quickly. Find the best possible solution for it. Measure the time complexity, which gives you the best possible output (Optional Opinion). You can also make a problem tree for it, which will help find out the best possible solution.

Now, come to the section. Why we choose 4+ value in a simple 2+2 algebraic addition math? Basically, the unnecessary calculation behind this has happened in our subconscious minds. Our subconscious mind confused us, so basically, we can’t trust our known value. This is not a perfect way of analysis. A perfect analysis is where we follow the logical analysis. Whatever happens, we should make it as simple as we can do. Who ask us question that doesn’t matter but how we give the answer is important. How we respond is necessary; how we express our representation of thought is important. So, do things efficiently. Our minds will be controlling us if we can’t handle it. Overthinking is a nasty thing that can ruin us. So, try to answer in a standard way that you reply to a child.



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